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How I Was Convinced to Join Pinterest Today

Just like you, I’d been hearing about Pinterest from every corner. And quite possibly like you, I hadn’t joined yet.

Don’t get me wrong – I ♥ social media. It celebrates individual voices while also creating a new concept of global reach. (As a writer, I’m always wowed by how powerfully social media brings writerly comrades together – we’re a very solitary ilk, after all.) That said, Pinterest didn’t seem like my thing. Scrapbooking meets wish-listing? Meh. I’d just wait until something extraordinary convinced me.

Today was that day.

Jacqueline Courtney (center) united her backgrounds in design, publicity, and digital strategy to create Nearly Newlywed. (Photo ©Lisa Beggs)

Today, I heard about nearlynewlywed.com, a website that sells pre-worn designer gowns and gives buyers a guaranteed opportunity to sell them back afterwards. “A smart business in itself,” you’re thinking, if you’re anything like me.

What I learned afterwards drove me to click.

(Keep in mind: I’m the farthest from wedding-gown shopping as you can get, without being a dude.) “Nearlyweds,” as the company calls gown shoppers (I’m falling deeper in love at every turn!), can request personal shopping service via Pinterest. “WHAAAAT,” you’re thinking, if you’re anything like me.

How it works:

    1. A gown shopper (AKA nearlywed :) makes a Pinterest board with gowns and/or visual inspirations for her gown
    2. She follows Nearly Newlywed on Pinterest and leaves a comment with a link to her board
    3. The personal shopping team visits her board, then tags her on their own dresses they think she’d like.

As I read more about the personal shopping service on the site, a friendly chat message popped up:

Hi, we’re online right now and available to answer any questions or discuss feedback! – Jacqueline

Hmmm. I decided to bite. What transpired was an impromptu interview with the site’s founder, Jacqueline Courtney:

Margo: I love the Pinterest shopping feature – how did the company come up with that?

Jacqueline Courtney: It was really an organic idea – we wanted to find a way so that I could chat with girls about their inspiration, and also offer advice on dresses that they may not consider or see in storessince some of our gowns are a few seasons past. Pinterest seemed like a natural choice, since it is so visual. 

M: I think it represents what Pinterest should evolve into. Another example of true customer service via social media.

JC: Definitely – and one thing that is important to me is to have our Pinterest site still be authentic, so our products are contained to one or more board. And we are also suggesting other dresses and staying involved in the larger discussion.

Ironically (and downright metaphysically), Jacqueline was proving her point about being a part of the larger discussion… by making herself available for this tiny one with me.

So, the clues are all there – her business savvy is spot-on. In fact, the idea was born out of a huge needs gap – Jacqueline herself had bought (and then sold) a Vera Wang gown for her own wedding years ago. The process was less-than-pretty; it was in dire need of elevation.

Where the magic comes from: my theory

Nearly Newlywed’s mission statement, “Making brides happy,” comes to life on the site. NN makes a daunting shopping process easier and budget-friendlier for nearlyweds, most impressively by meeting them on a platform they’re already using (or should be). Simple move, but it stands out. It proves that they’re motivated to become more active in emerging channels and platforms – not just to say they did – but rather to create an extraordinary experience for their prospects and customers.

Jacqueline’s love for what she does has become almost tangible. And in my estimation, that’s when and why the magic happens – why some companies just seem like they’re “doing it right.” NN is living, Pinteresting proof that companies that embrace change will have more customers falling for them (and will even inspire those outside the target market to blog about them). Companies that embrace change – just as their customers do – will forever mark themselves as thought leaders.

All this love talk has me a little flustered… So let’s turn to you – who do you think is using social media to the fullest?

Wow… Okay, first, I have to shout-out one of my favorite YA authors Jay Asher. See, Jay writes books you can’t put down. In fact, people might stop you on the street for reading Thirteen Reasons Why because they’re also HUGE fans (happened to me. Of course, that’s because I read while walking. Um, maybe I shouldn’t admit that.)

Not only that, Jay really gets social media. And when I say someone really gets it, I definitely DON’T mean they’re the loudest guy on the block or they’re only using it to talk to some elite, mysterious group of powerplayers. Nope, Jay coyly posted this on Facebook last night:

You should go check out the lastest issue of Entertainment Weekly. I haven’t seen it myself yet, but apparently it’s got some nice articles this week.

Right. So when I saw the post, only one friend of his had replied. She asked if it had something to do with a Kardashian. Jay had even “Liked” her comment, but didn’t leave any more clues. Now, I’ve never met Jay in person, but I had a feeling he was holding back. So I asked,

Does it include news about the TRW movie or TFOU?? C’mon, man!

[I was referring to Thirteen Reasons Why and Jay’s upcoming book, The Future of Us (which coincidentally follows a girl glimpsing her 2011 Facebook profile 15 years early, like a social media crystal ball), co-written with Carolyn Mackler.]

That’s when the details finally started spilling. This week’s Entertainment Weekly includes a story on Jay and his work! Facebook being Facebook, that same comment thread detoured to TV spots, donuts, and new mantras to “Own the Ridonculousness” before finally settling on a virtual group hug. See, we all love Jay’s work and we’re so excited for him. I, for one, don’t mind shouting out all his news – even if he doesn’t want to. :) And that might just be what social media’s all about.

In other news, my Pitchapalooza win at Printer’s Row Lit Fest was covered in Newcity Lit today!
(In case you missed it, here are all the gory details.)

My post is up today on the3six5!

I was asked to participate in the3six5.com, a blog-a-day, person-by-person account of the whole year. My post is up today! Mine’s on writing and observation – there’s a snippet below.

If you have the chance, please check out the whole post (link below), and comment/tweet/forward if you like it! (This project is getting a lot of mentions in the social media/creative realms… very exciting!)

With dialogue, the words are only as important as how they’re said. The best conversation I had was this morning, a goodbye to the boys as one took the other to daycare. “Zai jian,” I waved. “Bye chen,” my son answered – but it’s a start. Yes, that’s Mandarin Chinese, and yes, we’re that kind of parents.

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