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Thanks to everyone who’s joined Readers Aloud.
After two weeks, we’re 60 readers strong and counting!

I *just* drew the winner of the 3-Chapter Readers Aloud giveaway, via random.org. Without further ado, the winner is…

S. Kyle Davis!

The prize: I’ll read 3 chapters of Kyle’s work-in-progress and send him an audio file. This way, he can listen to his work and find the spots that may need more attention. Many agents and editors highly recommend incorporating this step into the revision process. (Here’s an article on why this technique works.)

So, what does Kyle think about his win? I’m such a nerd for giveaways, I had to ask him:

I think that Readers Aloud is awesome! I’ve already done my first reading, and I’m excited to do more. It’s easy and a lot of fun. I am so excited that I won the contest, and I’m looking forward to hearing the results. I’m very curious to hear how my book sounds during a cold read, and think this will be a huge help during my writing and revisions. Thanks Margo!

Yay, Kyle! I look forward to reading those chapters.

Could you use a fresh perspective on your WIP?

Visit Readers Aloud, a free and open exchange on Facebook designed to help revising writers. Our willing readers can help you take your manuscript to a whole new level – and you can do the same for someone else.

I JUST read about a fantastic giveaway from Ms. Cassandra Marshall, a freelance editor who’s also a literary agency intern, writes YA and short stories, and loves tea. (Don’t you love her already?)

Cassandra received tear-inducing feedback from a client recently, and she’s also gained quite a social-media following of late. To celebrate these things, Cassandra is offering up a great giveaway: a free substantial edit (That’s plot, pacing, character development, etc, up to 100k words) to one lucky reader. How awesome is that? And you can get more entries by spreading the word. (More daring writers may consider bribing Ms. C.A. with exotic teas…)

According to the recent client, Hope Collier, the help you get from Cassandra will not only improve your current WIP, but the ones to come. (I love learning, and C.A.’s expertise seems right up my alley.)

Hurry, guys! You must enter to win the substantial edit giveaway by Friday, July 2 at 11:59pm.

My post is up today on the3six5!

I was asked to participate in the3six5.com, a blog-a-day, person-by-person account of the whole year. My post is up today! Mine’s on writing and observation – there’s a snippet below.

If you have the chance, please check out the whole post (link below), and comment/tweet/forward if you like it! (This project is getting a lot of mentions in the social media/creative realms… very exciting!)

With dialogue, the words are only as important as how they’re said. The best conversation I had was this morning, a goodbye to the boys as one took the other to daycare. “Zai jian,” I waved. “Bye chen,” my son answered – but it’s a start. Yes, that’s Mandarin Chinese, and yes, we’re that kind of parents.

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