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My post is up today on the3six5!

I was asked to participate in the3six5.com, a blog-a-day, person-by-person account of the whole year. My post is up today! Mine’s on writing and observation – there’s a snippet below.

If you have the chance, please check out the whole post (link below), and comment/tweet/forward if you like it! (This project is getting a lot of mentions in the social media/creative realms… very exciting!)

With dialogue, the words are only as important as how they’re said. The best conversation I had was this morning, a goodbye to the boys as one took the other to daycare. “Zai jian,” I waved. “Bye chen,” my son answered – but it’s a start. Yes, that’s Mandarin Chinese, and yes, we’re that kind of parents.

Oh my blog!

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged. My new job at keeps the work weeks long, especially since there’s at least three hours in commuting tacked on to each day. Ech. It’s a good thing that the great people make up for it. When we move to River North, it’ll be super-keen.

The people are cool, you say? How’s that? Well, for one thing, these people like their parties. There was not one, but two (count ’em, two!) parties yesterday given by folks from the office. And there’s only about thirty employees! Jed and I only went to one, because I wanted to use some of the afternoon to work on a campaign pitch (scheduled for Tuesday) for a new client of theirs. I know, kinda nerdy. :)

I’m a blogger

I’ve been inspired to start a blog of my own after seeing the blog of a friend of mine. Hers is cool because it showed me more of what she’s all about. I’m more up-to-date on her after I read it. And hey, I can read Wil Wheaton’s blog and see that he reminds me a lot of my ex-boyfriend Matt in looks and geekiness (PC-style). I never got weird and wacky over Wil, even when he was in my once-beloved pages of Tiger Beat. I saved that stuff for Kirk Cameron.

Did I just say that?

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