Margoblog originated long ago, in the year 2003.

I created it for the same reason most bloggers got started at that time – to share random news and musings with whomever was listening (Hey, check out my cat! And… here’s a poem!). But after that, like many blogs, it petered out from lack of focus.

I’ve decided that Margoblog should represent me as the writer I am, in various stages of developing and sharing my work with the world. I can’t promise a zero-tolerance policy on random thought or even consistently insightful entries, but I hope you’ll enjoy it enough to follow along.

When I first heard about writers blogging about writing, it seemed like a purpose-defeater: why take time away from the craft to write about the craft? But now that I’m ready to share 30 Decibels, my futuristic young-adult thriller manuscript, it’s time to pop my head out of the burrow and look around.

I’m lucky to have gotten this far, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.