Crunch : Clubs | Orleans

There’s a class I took here yesterday that totally kicked my butt. It was called Bosu Bootcamp. It was tough for me because I haven’t been doing any cardio in many moons. And when I did, it consisted of walking or the occasional pilates tape. So therefore, my butt was offically kicked. The Bosu is this apparatus that looks like a weird half-sphere (inflated) on a flat base. We did things like balance on the Bosu while throwing bar weights from one hand to the other, jump on and off the Bosu repeatedly, and we also ran around the room a lot. The Bosu is also used for some major ab work in this class too. It feels great to be sore. : )

This club on Orleans is right across the street from the office, so it makes it super easy to go during lunch. Point B has a corporate membership deal there, so I always see (or go with) co-workers. It gives me motivation to go, especially since I like most of my co-workers. (it’s an unusually friendly environment, for an office.) We’re planning on doing group boxing lessons twice a month or so, starting soon.

Tomorrow, the day after Thanksgiving, I’m planning on doing either a Cardio Tai Boxing class or another “feature” class that uses a new kind of dumbell (called SmartBells. Looks fun!