I just received film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum’s unofficial review of a film called Soap and Roses. I worked on the film while I was freelancing last year.

I say “unofficial review” because it was an e-mail from Mr. Rosenbaum to the director of the film, Rae Shaw (who now has a master’s in film – Soap and Roses was her thesis project.)

I was a set dresser on the project – especially exciting because Mr. Rosenbaum “especially liked… the overall look of the film.” Yay!

Here’s what Rosenbaum said:

Dear Rae,

I’m truly sorry that it’s taken me so long to get back to you. Cheryl Ross and I decided to watch Soap and Roses together, and it actually took us this long before we had a chance to get together and do this. (We saw it only last Saturday.)

In any case, I think it would be accurate to say that we were both impressed. Speaking for myself, I especially liked the direction of your main actors, the interesting and original choices of camera angles, the editing, and, more generally, the overall look of the film.
All in all, it shows a lot of promise, and I hope you’ve been making progress in your career since you moved to Los Angeles.

All the best (and Happy Thanksgiving),

Jonathan Rosenbaum

Soap and Roses is not viewable online, but try BET or BETJ listings for “Best Shorts” or “Short Film Showcase” – they’ve aired it multiple times (Yay, Rae!)