Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Once More, with Feeling [SOUNDTRACK]

This is a great album. “Under Your Spell” is a really cute little duet with Xander & Anya. Even though it includes phrases like “his penis got diseases” and “she eats these skeezy cheeses” and “her toes are kind of hairy”

Today’s a slower day, thank goodness. Monday was a bad one (see Monday’s post). Just wanted to cry at everything. Jed got me flowers on Wednesday, just “to brighten up my day.” They’re blue irises, which are really open and pretty today. : )

Some of the other art director chicks and I are getting our hair colored together at an Oak street salon in a few Saturdays. Our new web girl, Wes, knows this great colorist guy (she’s done some web stuff for him) and it should be a fun day of hair coloring– and possibly brainstorming for a great new print campaign for him. He’s a renaissance man– he’s recently introduced a line of great teas that he wants to advertise.
I’m thinking blonder. Yeah, more fun for me.