Oh, man. Another several months have gone by– I’m now married!

(and I’ve gotten through about all of the thank-you cards), I’m more than six months into the new job (which now certifiably rocks since we got a great creative director on board)…

and I’m crazy inspired by the movie School of Rock to get my lazy butt back on my drums again. But I’ll have to put it on hold– I don’t have the room in my apartment at the moment. Maybe if my will is strong enough I’ll get the rudiment books (and a measly drum pad) back out again.

Yep, Jack Black (AKA Jables) is going to be the next big thing. As he puts it, “I’m chubby… and sexy.” Yep indeed.

Yeah, I’m married. So?! It doesn’t mean I can’t be jealous of Laura Kightlinger.

Speaking of loving my husband very much, our wedding pictures should be getting some web exposure very soon. I have the disposable-cam pictures back, and I should be getting proofs from the “official” photographer today. I hope we didn’t tee her off too much– apparently she was upset that she missed us leaving the reception. I just had to get out of there. Wearing a corset takes away a good percentage of your willingness to stay and hang out.

Mmm! Meeting leftovers for lunch! Gotta go.