What’s the3six5, you ask? Put simply, it’s a daily blog written by an author mosaic – a different person every day. Authors are young and old, famous folks and average Joes, writers and non-writers, from across the world.

And now, you can VOTE for the3six5.com among the internet’s best.

The blog has been nominated for a Webby Award in the Connections category: “Sites that connect people, create communities, and give individuals and small groups a vehicle for their expression and participation online.”

If the3six5 doesn’t epitomize this, I’ll print out this post and eat it.

Why in holy heck would I do that? Here’s a little more background:

Founders Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman set up shop in 2009, soliciting design input and working hard to line up the first 365 authors. On January 1, 2010, they kicked off the crowdsourced blog experiment. I’ve since lost track of all the mentions the3six5 has received over these last 16 months, but let’s just say it’s much-loved. One of my favorite early POVs on the project comes from self-proclaimed social cyborg and cyberculturalist Dr. Kevin Lim:

Around the start of 2010, I began hearing about this idea dubbed the3six5 project. A bunch of transmedia and emerging media folks discussed it with great fervor.

So I took a look…
then asked…
“What’s the big effing deal?”

(Read the rest of Dr. Lim’s post here.)

I’m a huge fan of the3six5, and not just because I was lucky enough to contribute my own post last February (including the blog’s first-ever video clip). I’ve also found the project has connected me with friends I’ll have for life. I highly recommend it for your blog shortlist, as a daily reminder that we’re all human. For every day that goes by, every post published, the blog itself practically begins to breathe.

Cast your vote for the3six5 today!