After a few fantastic casting sessions and a challenging decision-making process, I’d like to introduce you to the lead actors for the Thirty Decibels trailer:

Ava (known in real life as Freya)

Ava's love interest, Ben (Cole)

Ava's BFF Michele (Katherine)












I cannot wait to see Freya, Cole, and Katherine bring the story to life! Each of them seem to naturally embody their characters, which made our casting sessions quite enjoyable – and maybe even a little surreal.

I’m thrilled beyond belief about the level of talent involved so far. Along with these awe-inspiring actors, I’m also working with an amazing director, Sehban Zaidi of Palinopsia Studio. (Here’s Sehban’s reel.)

Right now, we’re finalizing storyboards and scouting locations, and we’ll shoot within the next six weeks.

We need Chicago-area locations.

If you know of a choir rehearsal space (as you’d find in a school), a library, or a theater/stage space (all in/around Chicago, to appear in the trailer), please give me a shout. We’re in need!

…And stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes updates.  :)