Lights, camera, Thirty Decibels

The book trailer for Thirty Decibels is nearly in production! I’m partnering with local imaging / production studio Palinopsia to create it. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes updates and interviews as we go.

We’re now casting these lead roles:

Main character
Age: 15 (ages 13-17 will be considered)
Any hair color

Ava’s love interest
Age: 16 (ages 15-18 will be considered)
Athletic build, any hair color

Ava’s best friend
Age: 15 (ages 13-17 will be considered)
Any hair color

Screen tests:

When: Saturday and Sunday, June 25th and 26th, 2pm-4pm (Contact me to RSVP – see below)
Where: 200 W. Superior Street, Suite 310  (See map)
Have: Your enthusiasm for bringing stories to life

Interested actors should write me at or call 773.689.0008 to get an appointment time.

What’s Thirty Decibels? Here’s a super-short version:

In a society where few may speak above a whisper, 15-year-old singer Ava refuses to talk – and discovers the strength to take a stand.
(See link below for more.) 

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