Lights, camera, Thirty Decibels

Behind the scenes, my friends, something pretty exciting is underway: a book trailer for Thirty Decibels. I’m partnering with local imaging / production studio Palinopsia, and we’re currently finalizing storyboards. I get geeked every time I think about it… but more on that later.

Now, I need your help.

We’re now casting a few lead roles for the trailer. Screen tests aren’t set yet; we’ll hold them in Chicago around mid-June. Interested actors should send details (name, previous acting experience) and a picture to
Got a question? Please post a comment below and I’ll answer ASAP.

Lead roles:

Main character
Age: 15 (considering ages 13-17)
Medium blonde hair

Ava’s love interest
Age: 16 (considering ages 15-18)
Brown hair, athletic build

Ava’s best friend
Age: 15 (considering ages 13-17)
Brown or auburn hair

Background on the story, in short:

In a society where few may speak above a whisper, 15-year-old singer Ava refuses to talk – and discovers the strength to take a stand.

This is an open call, so send this along to nieces, nephews, sons, or daughters. They might be just who we’re looking for.  :) Thanks for your help!