Better late than never – it’s my library-loving blog challenge results! Led again by the awesome Jenn Hubbard, the overall challenge rallied 16 participants in its third year.

My challenge began on March 28, when I pledged to donate $1 to Evanston’s The Mighty Twig for every comment on this post and every new @margorowder follower. I extended my challenge until 4/5. On that last day, I upped the ante: $5 for every comment and new twitter follower. 

In the end, thanks to you and a few fellow library-huggers, I’ve donated $174 to The Mighty Twig. I’m happy to say that’s more than enough to run the alterna-branch for one day. (If you’d like to support The Mighty Twig on your own, click here.)

Overall, Jenn’s challenge raised $1821 for local libraries. Let’s hear it for library love!