EVERYONE can rock the vote for libraries

At a recent budget session, Evanston’s city council asked citizens for input on budget cuts. Concerned Evanstonians left the libraries off their proposed budget cuts. But the libraries have mysteriously re-appeared on the city’s online poll of cuts.

Here’s where you can help. Whether you live in Evanston or Timbuktu, YOU can rock the vote to save Evanston’s branch libraries.

Please vote to SAVE libraries, before Tuesday 10/5 at midnight. Tell every library-hugger you know to vote!

(Choose “Library Branches” at the top and at least one NON-library revenue proposal.) Again, you do NOT need to live in Evanston to make a difference.

For up-to-the-minute info on Evanston’s library saga, please visit Evanston Public Library Friends or connect with EPLF on Facebook.

Libraries mean so much more than books. And books mean the world!