Another new poem on Undead Poets Society.
This one’s adapted from scenes in Thirty Decibels, and is my humble attempt at writing about singing.
I hope you enjoy!

[Listen to “Icarus”]

Mild tones
Hum, almost hover
In clumsy, oversized air we sing
We know Icarus like our own names

Over a grounding line
The duet
Sounds like taking off

Two unison voices
Hard to hold
Like steady wings
Make it only more beautiful

Choir comes in
Airy ahhhs push the two aloft
Every chord
A new puzzle to fit

But listen.
If you don’t: Forget it.

The path might
Put you at odds on purpose
Collision-course clash
The next note’s only sweeter

When you listen,
Fall into that space
Click: you’re hooked
For life

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