How would the folktale of Old Man Winter change in the advent of global warming? The readers of Faces magazine will find out, when my adaptation of the tale appears in their April 2008 environmentalism-themed issue.

Faces is a magazine about world cultures for kids aged 9-14. Each themed issue immerses its readers in unfamiliar customs and traditions through articles, activities, and retold folktales. (In case you were wondering, the story of Old Man Winter is derived from the Russian folktale “Morozko”.) Faces is part of the Cricket Magazine Group, which also includes Cobblestone, Spider, and Odyssey.

I’m just putting the final touches on the story now. In three short months, the issue will be in subscribers’ hands, sitting in kids’ bookstores, and available to order online.

It’s my first magazine publication, and I’m so excited!