For those of you who live under rocks, this is Leann Rimes. She’s a hometown hero of mine, since she’s from Garland, Texas – minutes from my original home in Plano. Despite her huge stardom, which stems from an enormous amount of talent, she’s got an amazing head on her shoulders.

Leann’s pictured here at the Memorial Day NASCAR event benefiting the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists severely wounded soldiers with financial aid, family support, and career networking and counseling. They even provide renovated or all-new homes for those whose injuries present them with new physical challenges.

Kenny Chesney, Dave Matthews Band, Gretchen Wilson, Gary Sinise, Black Eyed Peas, Roger Staubach, Charlie Daniels, Barbara Mandrell, and Kenny Rogers have all reached out to help the Coalition.

I got the chance to help, too – I designed the logo you see behind Leann (and also below). It’s a project I worked on with Ryan Partnership. It’s one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever helped create.

Heroes Logo