I was watching a new show on The N (AKA Nickelodeon – also the home of Nick at Nite, for boomers and Noggin, for babies) called “South of Nowhere.” It’s pretty good so far. It’s about a family of five who move from some small town to LA. I don’t envy them. Anyway, there promises to be a good showing of “issues” during the series, and last night’s episode was no exception. The main girl, Spencer, has a new LA friend Ashley, who may or may not be gay. Or maybe she’s bi. Who knows. It’s high school, no one’s labeling themselves yet. Anyway, she’s a good friend.

In the latest ep, Ashley stays over at Spencer’s house. They have a nice dinner at the dinner table, where Ashley notes how cool it is that Spencer’s family adopted an African-American kid (Clay)– and how open they must be about race, creed, sexual orientation. Cue uncomfortable look on Mom’s face. Later that evening, when Spencer and Ashley hug after having an argument and making up, Mom catches sight and insists that Ashley sleep downstairs that night. So true, so true. It kind of reminded me of the vibe I got from my mom in high school when I regularly watched (and enjoyed!) the Ellen sitcom. I mean, come on. Does gay really have to be the new black?

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