Someone please update Internet Explorer for Mac OS 10.2!! Mine just quit after I’d blogged for a while already, and all was lost. Argh.

Still waiting to hear about the part-time invitation design thing in Winnetka (North Shore style!) I had a great 2-hour interview last Friday. She all but offered me the job right there.

I also have an interview next week with an evening wear designer in Morton Grove who needs a graphic designer. That one’s more on the inconvenient side, location-wise. (no car…cab from the Metra)

Sangria with some of the walking girls tonight at Coobah. I wonder if I’ll ever do the “new & improved” Avon walk. It seems like the old walk (by Palotta) was much cooler. Can’t do it this year, with all the wedding planning. Maybe the girls can help me with my fabric idea for the ceremony. I was thinking of sending a piece of fabric with every invite, along with a fabric pen and directions: “write your hope or wish for us in our new life together.” The fabric will then decorate the arch in the garden where we’re gettin’ hitched, and eventually we’ll make a quilt with it. I think my brain’s a good deal ahead of my actual skills on this one.