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Update: My challenge ends today, 4/5/11. I’ll donate $5 for new comments and followers!

I’m taking part in this year’s library-loving blog challenge. Last year’s was so much fun and successful, I had to sign up again! For every unique commenter on this post between now and April 5, 2011 at 11:59pm CST, I will donate $1.00 to Evanston Public Library Friends – up to $150. How easy is that? You comment, I cough up the money, and the EPLF gets a gift!

This year’s challenge adds a new component – Twitter followers. For every new follower I get and keep between now and April 5, 2011 at 11:59pm CST, I will donate an additional $1 – up to $100. So if you haven’t already, follow @margorowder for a good cause.

This year, helping the EPLF is more important than ever. Because the city didn’t renew its South Branch library lease, just last Saturday the Friends opened The Mighty Twig, an experimental outpost with books, computers, internet services, and a variety of programming and events. The Mighty Twig runs on a completely honor-based circulation system and it’s managed entirely by volunteers.

Lori Keenan, Evanston Library Board member and Twig enthusiast, says:

The Mighty Twig saw 500+ people check out 300+ books at our Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday. To the Friends, this seems to validate the need and citizen support of our efforts to provide this important community space. We hope this experimental concept can lead to bigger and better things for EPL system as the Library Board continues its Visioning process. The need, energy, and momentum for bringing more library services to various neighborhoods throughout Evanston is alive and well in the Evanston community.

The EPLF needs $150 per day to run The Mighty Twig, so please add your comment below to support this amazing effort.

You can also help this year’s challenge by spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, or your own blog – AND by commenting on other participating blogs in the blog challenge master list. If you’d like to start your own challenge or donate to your own library, please include the amount and the name of your library system in your comment.

Libraries mean so much more than books. And books mean the world!
Add your comment and follow @margorowder today.

Thanks, library-huggers. I’ll post a follow up soon.

Two of my favorite things in the world come together in one talented designer: Leslie Ligon.

Leslie's Braille Alphabet bracelet could be up for a People's Design Award!

Her art (jewelry) and advocacy (Braille literacy) come together to poignant results. And at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (part of the Smithsonian), Leslie could be up for a People’s Design Award with your help. Please vote here to show your support.

Voting ends at 6pm EST on Tuesday, October 12, so please click soon!

The need for Braille literacy is startling.

  • Unemployment among blind individuals: about 70%
  • Percentage of blind individuals in the workforce who read Braille: 95
  • Percentage of the blind who read Braille: 10

Visit Leslie’s blog to see additional designs. A percentage of the profits from the sale of Leslie’s “At First Sight” braille jewelry are donated to organizations that promote Braille literacy.

[Sure, I’m a little biased because her husband Eric was one of my foremost design professors at the University of North Texas. But no way – I’d be impressed anyway. In fact, this bracelet is officially on my Christmas list.]

One of the coolest items in Evanston Public Library Friends‘ fundraising “Armchair Auction” was immortality.

Jodi MacArthur

No, really: Immortality. And I got it on the cheap. Guess the market’s a little soft.

Any writer can offer immortality by printed word (mwa-ha-ha!), but this time it’s from friend Jodi MacArthur. I adore her spooky stories. And for a nice donation to the EPLF, she wrote me into one. I’m so excited to read it! My foray into fictional characterhood apparently involves being a librarian. (I’m good with that.)

Here’s a teaser, to whet thine appetite:

There is you. Then there’s the promise of who you could be. But what if you aren’t who you think you are? Margo Gremmler bends the rules to get by. The only way to make an honest living is to be criminal. The drawback?
Guilt can be a bitch.

And a quick excerpt:

“We received some information last night-”
“About what?”
Phillips cocked his head to the side. “That someone was dealing drugs out of this house.”
The silence was thick. She could hear the grandfather clock tick, tick, tick.
“Oh,” Margo smiled and shrugged. “I’m just a librarian.”

Read the story now!

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My friend Simon’s latest design is NOW LIVE on!
Now that it’s approved, it needs your vote in the next week to become a sweet T-shirt!

Click below to get started.

The Room In The Elephant - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

If you like the design, please share it! You can post it to facebook, twitter, etc., straight from the threadless page.

This T-shirt design is accompanied by a story co-written by yours truly, along with Simon (proving that two opinionated redheads can work together)!
You can read it here:
Page 1
, Page 2, Page 3

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