Shooting began today on the Thirty Decibels book trailer.

And what better way to kick off the production than to capture the story’s villain?

Meet CityLeader Frankel

CityLeader Hiram Frankel, AKA Jason Kingsley

CityLeader Hiram Frankel wields the most political power in East Jefferson, Texas, where main character Ava lives. In fact, Ava’s mother (a Whisperer) works for the man himself. His groundbreaking legislation will take away Whisperers’ only freedoms, and he hopes to extend these changes nationally. He represents the newest, most power-hungry generation of Leaders since the Whisper Rules went into effect nearly a century ago.

The shots

Sehban Zaidi, the director, shot several takes of actor Jason Kingsley giving a speech as CityLeader Frankel. Since we won’t be using his audio for the final cut, Jason made up his own powerful orations… about baked goods and tasty desserts. He had all of us giggling. Yes, every powerful villain has facets that make them human – I guess Frankel’s got a powerful sweet tooth.

Production Assistant Steve Kroodsma and Director Sehban Zaidi ensure they’ve got a great shot.